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Pool Water Features in Los Angeles

At Los Angeles Pool Builders, water features are the heart of any pool design, adding beauty, movement, and a sense of tranquility to your outdoor oasis.

Pool water features installation

Water Features Services:

Pool Waterfalls add a natural and calming element to your pool area. They can range from small cascades to scenic rock formations with multiple tiers.
The installation typically involves creating a structure behind the pool where water can be pumped up and cascaded down. Natural stone, faux rock, or precast concrete are common materials used for waterfall construction.

Pool Fountains create a visually stunning point in your pool. They can be simple spouts that shoot water into the air or elaborate designs with multiple jets and patterns.
Fountains are usually installed along the pool edge or in the center. They circulate water by requiring plumbing connections to the pool's filtration system. The design and size of the fountain determine the complexity of the installation.

Sheer descent waterfalls produce a clean sheet of water that flows smoothly into the pool, creating a sleek and modern look.
These water features are typically installed along a wall or raised structure above the pool. They require careful alignment and plumbing connections to ensure a uniform water flow.

Bubblers are small jets installed in shallow pools, such as sun shelves or steps. They create a bubbling effect that adds a playful touch to the pool.
Bubblers are relatively simple to install and can be connected to the pool's plumbing system. They require a water source and may need additional electrical work for lighting effects.

Spillover Spas:
Pool Spillover spas are integrated into the pool design and feature a waterfall or spillway, allowing water to flow from the spa.
Spillover spas require careful planning and coordination during pool construction. They involve plumbing connections between the spa and pool and structural support for the spillway.

Pool Grottos are cave-like structures built near or over the pool. They provide a secluded area for relaxation and fun, and they often include waterfalls or slides for added excitement.
Grottos are more complex water features that require careful planning and construction. They involve building a sturdy structure with natural or faux rock formations and integrating plumbing for water circulation.

Deck Jets:
Deck jets are small, adjustable nozzles installed along the pool deck that shoot streams of water into the pool at various angles.
Deck jets are relatively easy to install and can be retrofitted onto existing pool decks. They require a water source and, depending on the design, may need additional plumbing connections.

Rain Curtains:
Pool Rain curtains are vertical water features that create a curtain-like effect with flowing water. They add a sense of elegance and tranquility to the pool area.
Rain curtains are typically installed along a wall or pergola structure near the pool. They require plumbing connections and careful positioning to achieve the desired effect.

Water Features Installation Process:

Consultation and Design: Meet with a pool contractor to discuss your water feature ideas and preferences. They will assess your pool area and provide design options tailored to your budget and space.


Permitting: Obtain any necessary permits for the water feature installation. Your contractor can assist with this process and ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations.


Preparation: Prepare the pool area by clearing any obstacles and marking the location of the water feature. Complex features like grottos or spillover spas may require excavation and structural work.


Construction: Construct the water feature according to the approved design plans. This may involve building support structures, plumbing connections, and electrical work for lighting or pumps.


Finishing Touches: Once the water feature is installed, add finishing touches such as landscaping, lighting, and decorative elements to enhance its visual appeal.


Testing and Adjustment: Test the water feature to ensure proper operation and adjust flow rates or settings. Your contractor will also provide instructions for ongoing maintenance and care.

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